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Single Women of Cartagena

Meet the beautiful Costenas of Colombia Find your true love and experience the luxury of our r d in Cartagena, Colombia.

Single Women of Cartagena are undoubtedly popular to tourists around the world, and that’s possibly also because of their beautiful city, Cartagena.

Cartagena, a city of Colombia picturized by rich color and old town colonial architecture and artifacts, is the most popular tourist destination in Colombia. Abound the city are old colonial buildings, balconies overflowing with hanging bougainvillea, alleys in cobblestones, big churches, plazas, and a nearby coast in Bocagrande where you can chill and hang out in.

The beauty and allure of the city seems only fitting for its nickname, “The Magic City” but most especially because of having the most charming women around.

Cartagena women in Colombia, are known as Costeñas. They are said to be one of the sexiest natural beauty all throughout Colombia. Costeñas have dark hair, brown eyes and milky brown skin wrapping their incredibly voluptuous body in petite stature.

Laid Back and Friendly Costeñas

But what sets them apart from other women in Colombia is definitely because of their innermost charm-- their attitude. Cartagena ladies are known to have the best personalities all over Colombia because of their easy going, fun and laid back attitude. They could be up to any activity, without demanding too much from you. No wonder they’re considered the friendliest women in Colombia.

Cartagena women, as with most Colombian and Latin women, are fiery and passionate. They care and love deeply and wants to have your attention to themselves. As women with high regards to men, they like you to take the lead, standing strong in your pursuit of their love. This is to show them how much you care for them.

These ladies love to have fun and have a knack for creativity. They love to dance and Salsa fires up the women of Cartagena. With that said, Colombian ladies would love to have their men dance with them, so don’t shy away in getting yourself on the dance floor because it’s something they’d appreciate, she would find dancing with you a romantic gesture.

In dating and relationship, their treasured traditional values, handed down from their mothers, are preciously preserved. Colombian women seek men with good hearts, preferring altruistic character traits rather than good looks. And for a man seeking a caring wife, it’s safe to say their values fit the married life perfectly.

They may flirt with you but ultimately wants your respect, take things slow and show chivalry. The Women in Cartagena loves to be chased. Despite being fun and light hearted, Cartagena ladies still like courtship, preferring men to make the first move.

Women of Cartagena, Colombia will definitely make a great a wife and mother to your kids Our exciting singles tour in Cartagena offers you the opportunity to be associated with our lovely women in this Latin city.
Household chores and making the house a home are activities they don’t consider a bore. They love keeping the house clean, take care of their children, make fresh and delicious home cooked meals and pamper their husbands with their loving care. Their sincerity and honesty are oriented in a way that gives utmost respects to their men, upholding them as the pillar of the family and household. This and all are what makes Cartagena women very desirable wives.

In marriage, Colombians value formal ceremonies. In fact, weddings are a big deal in Colombia. As a culture that relishes fiestas, Colombians like extravagant celebrations.

They love their wedding ceremonies to lasts ‘til the morning. Colombia, being a romantic place in itself, has been dubbed as the destination-wedding capital of Latin America.

Whether you arrived in Cartagena to seek adventure and experience, “The Fantastic” town and the beautiful women of Cartagena can never be ignored. Their fun and optimistic outlook on top of their curvaceous exotic allure are what makes visiting Cartagena an even more meaningful and memorable experience.

More and more women of Cartagena and all over Colombia signed up to Colombian Woman to find the love of their life. They’re truly looking for a serious long-term relationship and a man who will treasure them forever. As a site which stands to nurture love and courtship, we hope we can bridge you and other gentle romance seekers in finding their Cartagena bride who’s worthy of their love and affection for a lifetime.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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