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Challenges in Dating a Colombian Woman

A photo of a Colombian couple with the national flag of Colombia Dating Colombian women is not all roses, so it’s important to anticipate challenges that you will likely encounter.

If you’re like most men, you’d take the chance to date a beautiful Colombian woman in a heartbeat.

But right off the bat, you might bump into the challenges of dating someone from another country, like cultural differences or the language barrier.

There are a lot of pros to Colombian women. Beauty, Latina passion, and traditional femininity top the list. And if you play your cards right, she’ll be extremely loyal to you as well.

But the first step to having a realistic shot at a relationship with a Colombian woman is, well, being realistic. They have unique personality traits, customs, and quirks that you have to anticipate and know how to deal with.

We can break down the challenges of dating a Colombian woman into two categories that while separate, often intersect with each other. These are: personality and cultural.

Breaking down the personality of the Colombian woman

In order to date a woman right, you have to know her character traits and tendencies so you know how to act and react. Here are some of them:

Colombian women are unapologetically dramatic.

Colombian women wear their emotions on their sleeves. When they feel that you are not giving them all your attention, they’ll let you know for sure!

You might want to avoid being too direct with them. Sure, open and honest communication is a good thing, but watch your tone of voice. Being too direct is seen as harsh or rude. So show them that you don’t lack compassion, sensitivity, and self-awareness by mastering your sweet talk.

Inversely, they are fond of indirect communication. Because they are generally averse to confrontation, they would rather you read between the lines rather than tell you the bad news to your face.

Where drama is, exaggeration follows.

Everyone has their disagreements. But Colombians like to escalate situations by using exaggerated words. When they get upset with you, don’t get surprised to hear them say things like “you never do this” or “you always do that,” even when that isn’t exactly true.

They are also fond of using words like hundred and thousand. You might hear them say “I texted you a hundred times but you never replied,” even if they only sent two messages.

The point is, take what they say with a grain of salt. They aren’t being literal, they just need your affirmation.

Personal opinions? That’s a hill they’ll die on.

As if Colombian women being dramatic wasn’t enough, they’re quite adamant when it comes to their opinions.

They’ll be unshakable when maintaining a position or opinion and do everything they can to show or prove that they are right.

What do you do when you are in this situation?

The same thing—sweet talk her. With Colombian women, you can’t fight fire with fire. Remember, your goal isn’t always to be right. It’s to be on the same page. So get on her soft side by saying sweet and nice things to her. And when she’s feeling less defensive, she’ll likely settle for a compromise with you.

They’ll make themselves heard as well.

Consistent with their personality, Colombian women can be loud as well. That goes for both happy and angry moments. Whether they’re catching up with their high school friends or chastising you, there won’t be any shortage of decibels.

Spots in Colombian culture you’ll need to get used to

Now that we’ve covered their personalities, here are cultural elements that may catch you off guard if you aren’t careful:

Colombian Time is a thing.

The Colombian sense of time is vague or relative, to say the least. When they tell you that they’ll do something tomorrow, they don’t exactly mean tomorrow. They will probably do it three days after or sometime in the future.

If they say “I’m arriving in five minutes” or “I’m on my way”, they really mean they just hopped off the shower and you’ll need to chill for an hour before they arrive.

There is something good about being spontaneous, but it can create difficulties when making last-minute changes to your schedule

Colombian gestures are their own language.

As if learning basic Spanish wasn’t enough, understanding their nonverbal language or gestures is almost like learning another foreign language.

For example, when they want to point to a certain spot or location, they point using their lips, not their fingers.

When they tell you that a place is full, they put their fingers all together.

But that’s all just part of Colombian culture. It may take some getting used to. But don’t impose your culture on your Colombian date.

A photo of a Colombian woman with protruding lips Want a sampling of Colombian gestures? Watch them point to things with their lips.

Distinct Sense of Humor

Colombian women don’t always understand sarcasm. They just have a different sense of humor.

When you date them, try cracking some easy jokes and find out how they react. If you have a long time to prepare, you can even go through a few Colombian sitcoms to get a gauge of what’s funny to them.

It really is no big deal. But this is definitely something you should keep in mind when dating a Colombian woman.

The More Children, the Merrier

Most families in the US have just one or two children. Some married couples don’t even have children by choice.

But in Colombia, it is common for women to want at least two or three kids. Five? That’s not uncommon.

So if your relationship with a Colombian woman develops into marriage, expect the possibility of having a big family.

She’ll Always Have Two Homes

Because of close family ties, she will be longing for her home in Colombia. She will want to visit her family at one point. She will miss her relatives and close friends. She will need to visit the graves of her ancestors and spend holidays with her family together.

This will be financially challenging, but it’s part of what to expect when in a relationship with a Colombian woman.

So provide her the assurance to travel back home regularly.

Turn Those Challenges into Motivations

Yes, there are clear challenges to dating Colombian women. But they’re no reason to be discouraged. There are so many other reasons why you should try to marry a Colombian woman to begin with.

This rundown serves as helpful information so that you’ll know what to expect before you start dating Colombian women. Consequently, it should encourage you to find ways in dealing with these challenges and help you prepare in handling your date with your Colombian woman.

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