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Gauging Your Chemistry with Colombian Women

Man and woman playing video game Gauge your chemistry with Colombian women and find the one for you! | Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

When you are amongst Colombian women, sometimes you just find someone and you just hit it off. You get pulled towards them, and even the simplest things seem to matter a lot. It could feel like the world is moving slower and there are butterflies in your stomach. You feel that there is a connection, and you know you both feel the same way.

This instant connection is called chemistry. Great relationships start with this. It is impossible to ignore this powerful magnet. Although some men will have doubts when meeting women. After the time they spend together, some would ask, “Was there really a mutual attraction or was it just my fantasy tricking me into thinking there was something good going on?”

The line could sometimes get blurry, and you would be left wondering.

If you are facing this kind of situation where your emotions toward someone are strong but you are not sure if it is real or not, you have to look for signs. Here is a list of things to observe to help you gauge your chemistry with Colombian women:

  • The body language sometimes speaks louder.
  • Verbal communication can give you answers, but nonverbal communication is just as important. The body language can show you clues if the person likes you or not. Notice how she positions herself when talking to you. If she is interested in you, her body will be facing you most of the time and will be staying close to you. This means that you have her attention and she likes your company.

    Subtle head movements are usually seen, such as nodding her head in agreement. Sometimes, she will tilt her head and give you a small smile as you talk. This means that she is curious and is fascinated in the things that you are talking about. If you are charming enough, you will see her blushing.

    One of the best tips on dating colombian women or every woman is to observe her hair. This plays a great role in showing affection. If she likes you, she will be slightly touching her hair or subtly flipping it to the side. She will also be tucking it behind her ears.

    Pay attention to the facial expression. Since you will be looking at her face while talking to her, make sure to take note of the reactions her face does when she is listening to you. Her eyes open wider, eyebrows raise. Depending on the topic, she will show the appropriate emotion on her face if she likes you. This means that she is paying attention to you too.

    Body language can be difficult to control. Sometimes a person says something on online dating sites but, in person, their bodies say something else. The body has a natural reaction and movement that could not be easily faked. Because it is honest, gauging chemistry with someone starts with the body language.

  • Playful banter is manifested.
  • Teasing is one way to determine if you have chemistry with the person. Although it may seem childish, a playful banter could be hiding some clues that she’s into you, and you could be missing these clues if you don’t pay close attention. She could be creating a new nickname for you, or she would be imitating your notable lines or gestures. Both of you could be bickering. As long as teasing does not harm or offend both of you, then it is a good sign that there is chemistry.

  • Intense eye contact.
  • They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. When two people do not feel awkward doing eye contact to each other, they have a connection. The intensity of the eye contact can lead to deeper relationships and longer bonds.

    Just like body language, you can’t stop yourself from staring at her eyes when you get drawn to her. Chemistry allows you to look at each other’s eyes to know each other better.

    Although, not all people can hold eye contact for long periods. Sometimes they look away when it gets too intense. That is fine. Maybe they want to take it slow and hold themselves from getting carried away. What matters is when you stare at each other, you get that feeling of being safe with that person, like that person knows your thoughts and you know hers. If you feel that, then there clearly is chemistry between you two.

  • Flirting gently.
  • Chemistry can give two people intense emotions. Everything feels stronger than before. Simple unintentional contact can make you feel like you are in heaven, such as the feeling of your arms lightly touching each other.

    If you have chemistry, gentle touches can become flirty. Chemistry makes you feel comfortable with another person being close to you. Sooner, you will find yourselves holding hands, or hugging, or even kissing, and these gestures will be really passionate for the both of you.

    Gentle flirting can help you express emotions to each other by not being obvious to other people. There can be no words, but there will be an understanding that you both hit it off.

  • You will be smiling all the time.
  • When you have chemistry with someone, smiling is not that easy to be stopped. When you are together, you feel that everything is light and feels good. That is a reason to smile, and no matter how much you try to control it, your smile can still be noticeable. Sometimes, you just sit beside each other quietly and you both still are smiling. The vibe becomes positive even without words. That is how powerful chemistry is.

  • Small things are worth noticing.
  • Because you like the person, unconsciously, you notice little adorable things about her. You may be able to notice how she likes her coffee or eggs. You will also notice her habits. Maybe she has nervous tics just like yours. When there is chemistry, what could be repetitive and involuntary for the other can be noteworthy for the other.

  • You focus on each other.
  • You never lose focus even if there are other people in the room. You both are very attentive to each other and you notice each other the most in whatever you do. Just be careful though. You have other friends too. You might be distant from them while you are focusing on her. It is important to maintain balance between your relationships.

  • Time flies.
  • When you are with someone you like, it feels like time speeds up. Hours feel like minutes, and you would always wish you had more time together. That is normal. You enjoy each other’s company so much that you lose track of time. This could be because there is no dull conversation, you like the same things, and the silence is really comfortable. Because you do not get bored with her, you feel like there is never enough time for the both of you, and this will make you want to see her more.

  • There is light tension.
  • Physical chemistry is apparent. If you are wondering what physical chemistry is, You two will be able to feel a desire for each other in your mind, soul, and body. Intimacy may grow from this, although it is not all about that.

  • You are eager to see each other again.
  • Missing the person terribly when you are not together is one way to identify if you have chemistry. You will be counting the days, even hours, until you see each other again.

    Intense longing is normal. You like the person and her company, so as humans, we naturally get drawn to those who make us feel comfortable.

Chemistry Cannot Be Forced

Chemistry is a natural occurrence. There is no trick for it to happen. It is either you have it or you do not. It is felt the moment dating Colombian women begins.

Also, chemistry is not the only thing that defines the relationship. This is just used as building blocks for something meaningful. The rest of the relationship needs more than chemistry to make it last long.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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