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Dating Colombian Women The Right Way

 A group of women smiling. There’s something about Latina women that makes them so desirable. | Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels

Colombian women… a South American treasure.
These women stand out in whichever crowd you put them in. Fierce attitudes, strong facial features, and curvaceous bodies. They are the perfect representation of an ideal woman. It’s no surprise men feel intimidated and anxious approaching one.

If you’re one of those guys who believe they wouldn’t be able to get a date with a Colombian woman even if they tried, this article is written for you. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be on your way to dating Colombian women the right way.

Chapter One: Asking One Out on a Date

Before we proceed, we’d like to make it clear who we are writing this for: It’s mainly for men who plan on cold approaching Colombian women in public as well as men on dating sites that want to ask Colombian girls out for a date.

Now that’s clarified. Here’s how you ask Colombian women out on a date according to these two instances:

Cold Approach. Some would argue that asking a woman you’ve just met out on a date is creepy. In some cases, it can seem so. However, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Make casual contact - It’s all about initial contact. Catch her gaze and return a friendly smile. If she gives you a smile, it’s a sign that it’s okay to approach her.

    Step 2: Walk up to her and make your introduction - Introductions should be brief. Try your best to be interesting. Make yourself sound like a person worth taking to. If she responds positively, proceed to step three.

    Step 3: Build trust and friendship - Find something in common. Engage in a conversation. Get to know her a bit. Get a feel of what she’s like as a person, personality-wise.

    Step 4: Make her laugh - Crack a joke. Figure out what jokes she enjoys listening and use your sense of humor. Laughter is a great tool to tell if she likes you or not. If you manage to pull it off, she’s more likely to want to continue the conversation with you.

    Step 5: Ask her out - Now that you’ve establish a connection, it’s time to spring the question.

If you feel like she’s the type of person you want to get to know further, ask her out on a date. Be assertive. Colombian women like men who actively pursue them. If she doesn’t accept the invitation, better luck next time. You’re bound to find luck.

Online Dating. It’s easy to get a date through an online dating site. The process is quite straightforward. You find a match, you talk to her, connect with her, and ask her out so you can get to know each other better.

Chapter Two: How to Prepare for a Date

Once you’ve bagged a date with a Colombian woman, it’s finally time to prepare for the upcoming date. Here’s a useful checklist:

    1. Find a place to take her. Latina women appreciate men who know how to lead the date. Hence, take initiative on picking the place.

Pro tip: Don’t take her out for a dinner date on your first night out. Instead, opt for places where you’ll be able to converse better, like a coffee shop.

    2. Hygiene and appearance are important. Take a bath, shave your wild facial hair, put on a dab of cologne, and wear nice yet appropriate clothing. If you have time, hit the benches and pump up some weight to get your muscles bulging.

A man standing in front of a mirror. Impress a Colombian woman by looking your best. | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

    3. Take note of these useful Spanish phrases. If you want to know how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you, there’s one easy and simple way to do it. Charm her with your newly learned Spanish phrases. Use these:

  • “Me gusta tu sonrisa.” - “I like your smile.”

  • “¿Cuántos hermanos tienes?” - “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”

  • “¿Te estás disfrutando?” - “Are you having a good time?”

  • “Pagaré.” - “I’ll pay.”

  • “¿Quieres que te acompañe a la casa?” - “Would you like me to walk you home?”

    4. Think of conversation subjects - We are joking. Don’t be an awkward penguin. Rehearsing conversations in your head is weird and unnatural. Instead, let the conversation unfold naturally.

However, if you really want to, you can prepare interesting questions to ask her. It’s a way to get to know her better.

Finally, probably the most cliché piece of advice we can give you when on a date is to not overthink. Have some fun and remember to get to know her.

Chapter Three: How to Behave on a Date

The most crucial part of the process is the actual date. Your behavior can make or break your success with your date. Below are a few pointers:

    1. Patience is key. Women in Colombia are not the most punctual women. Expect your date to be late. However, this doesn’t give you the right to be late. So be on time, or better yet, come early.


A couple talking. Colombian women expect their dates to be on time, but don’t expect them to do the same. | Photo by Cleyder Duque on Pexels

While waiting, utilize your extra time. Check to see if your wallet is in your pocket and if there’s any cash left in there. Go to the bathroom and assess yourself in the mirror. Check if your face is clean and if there’s anything stuck between your teeth.

    2. Break away from shyness. You won’t win a girl over by being timid and shy. Step up your game and make her feel she’s being pursued. Show her you’re interested in her by doing the following:

  • Try flirting with her.
  • Compliment her.
  • Listen and be attentive to her.
  • Lastly, be assertive.

2. Be a gentleman. These women mostly prefer men who are assertive. However, you need to know the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. They are entirely two different concepts. You must always observe and keep your manners in check. No woman likes a cerdo (pig). Treat your date with chivalry and respect.

3. Pay for the date. Don’t let her pay the bill. It’s common courtesy to pay for a date when with a woman you’ve asked out. She made the effort to show up dressed and dolled up. The least you can do is shoulder the bill.

4. Get her home safely. Since it’s your first date, it’s unlikely you’ll get a kiss from her. But you could always ask for a hug – it’s a safer bet and totally doable. Just don’t overdo it or push your luck. Stay decent.

Heading Chapter Four: Where To Take Your Date

There are many places where you can take a single woman out for a romantic evening. But if this is your first date, then it’s best to pick a safe and comfortable environment. Somewhere public and neutral. Coffee shops or strolling through a local park is a great neutral place for a first date.

A perfect date doesn’t have to include a dinner and a movie - although there’s no harm in taking the traditional route. The important thing is spending your first date getting to know each other better.

Here are a couple of other venue ideas:

1. Visit an art museum. The museum is a great low-cost, low-stress venue for a first date. Both of you can take your time viewing the exhibits and talk about things that catch your interest.

2. Go Bowling. It’s a great way to break the awkward silence during first dates. You’ll also be able to take a sneak peek at their personality.

3. Go on a coffee tour. If you don’t mind splurging a little bit, you can take her on a Colombian coffee tour. It’s an ideal environment where both of you can experience something new together. You can learn new things as you stroll around the plantation and sample excellent coffee.

Heading Chapter Five: Should You Kiss Her at the End of the Date?

When the date ends, you might experience a brief moment of hesitation. Should you kiss them goodbye? Hug them? Or go for a head nod? Studies suggest doing whatever feels natural for you but try to read her signals first before leaning in for a kiss.

Most Colombian women will accept a kiss on the first date but traditionally in Colombian dating, kisses reserved for the second, third, and succeeding dates.

Bonus Chapter: Post-Date Agenda

Did your date go well? Text or call her and ask if she’s willing to meet you again! See? Dating Colombian women is easy. As long as you know the steps and “how to’s.”

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024
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