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How Colombian Women Deal with Heartbreak

A photo of a woman standing by the seashore, looking out at the sea Discover how Colombian women deal with heartbreak. | Photo by Lawrence Suzara on Pexels

“The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever.” -Carroll Bryant

As most people say, to love means to hurt. No one loves and doesn’t get hurt. It is always inevitable to feel hurt or pain, as love demands to be felt, as said by famous author John Green. Ironically, Colombian women are no exception to this. They, too, have been hurt.

One of the many characteristics of a Colombian woman is their strength. Being with their family for several years has taught them a lot, and that includes facing and handling hardships. Guess a broken heart is also something that they go through and deal with, right?

The broadness of heartbreak does not equate to the amount of time a person can recover from it. To start with, it is one of the worst feelings you can possibly experience. It may not bring physical pain, but it takes the emotional state to a different level.

Truthfully, one would not know how painful it is unless they experience it themselves. It can be tearful, and it’s like great sadness and emotional suffering would be with you for a long time.

One of the most common reasons for heartbreak in relationships is when your partner might have cheated on you, you hoped for false promises, you experienced extreme betrayal by someone you trusted, or you basically just went through a normal breakup. You’ll never know when you’re ready to move from an experience that was hurtful.

But what makes such an experience so damaging? Well, for starters, it’s something that you don’t want to experience. Plus, the weight of knowing that the person you trusted ended up betraying you, no other combination can make heartbreak more detrimental.

The real question now would be how women in Colombia deal with heartbreak. Take note of the following points so you can also have a better understanding of the Colombian dating culture:

  1. Accept.
  2. The first thing that a Colombian woman does is accept everything. She is mature enough not to hold on to a person who is not willing and committed to make things work.

    Acceptance can be the key to everything, mainly because it would hurt even more if you were to pursue something that doesn’t want to be pursued. As such, these beautiful women accept whatever outcome is presented to them right from the start, which is a very mature thing to do.

  3. Determine.
  4. Most Colombian women see to it that they determine the root cause of the problem. The reason should be known and it should not be left unsaid. They want to know how they are wronged, as well as what they did wrong, if possible.

    Online dating may limit you to a lot of things, but for situations when you really need to communicate with a Colombian lady, do whatever you can to reach out and talk to her. This way, the pain felt can be lessened by a fraction.

  5. Talk.
  6. Talking calmly and seriously almost solves everything, and this explains why most Colombians do this a lot. This is an effective way to settle things. To not leave things hanging, say the words that should not be left unsaid.

    In addition, this is the part when everything is clarified and it is decided whether you should part ways as friends or not.

  7. Support.
  8. In understanding Colombian culture, you’ll find that these ladies maintain close family ties. When they experience heartbreak, their family and friends, and all the people who care for them, become a great source of strength.

    They know that it is never wrong to say how they truly feel and that there is nothing that will be lost in the process.

  9. Take their time.
  10. When women in Colombia deal with heartbreak, they take their time. Basically, they do not push themselves to be fine if they aren’t in reality. Colombian women do not rush something like this as it is an unhealthy way to deal with a problem.

    More so, getting to the end result right away might make things worse.

  11. Cry.
  12. Though Colombian women are strong, they also cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but instead it is a sign of courage to accept that you are also vulnerable to things that may be your weakness.

    When a Colombian woman has experienced heartbreak, crying is one way to let out how she truly feels. Although it may not apply to everyone, almost all can say that this tends to be true.

  13. Explore.
  14. When a Colombian woman is in the final stages of a breakup, it is when she decides to explore outside of her horizon.

    This does not only limit her being interested in meeting new men, but it also deals with discovering new hobbies and learning new things. This is also the stage when she can be at her happiest because she can slowly start putting everything behind her.

Unbreaking Her Heart

Knowing all this may make you even more amazed with Colombian women, for they are indeed strong and can overcome problems in their own way. This is a good start for you to handle things well if you are with your woman.

As much as you can, when you are in a relationship with her, try your best not to do the things that will hurt her badly. Cherish her and let yourself be the best partner that she could ever hope to have.

Keep in mind that it would be such a bad thing for you to hurt someone, especially if it’s a Colombian woman who cares for you dearly. Achieve a healthy and successful relationship with her by not causing her heartbreak.

In return, she will do the same. Knowing how affectionate and caring Colombian women can be, you need not worry about having yourself deal with heartbreak.

Love can be such a complicated thing for two people. No matter how much you love each other deeply, you can still do things that may unintentionally be hurtful. At the end of the day, she won’t regret choosing and loving you as long as you are not someone who gives her one heartbreak after another.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024
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