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Signs Colombian Women Want a Serious Relationship with You

beautiful Colombian woman standing on a boat Here are ways to know whether or not Colombian women are into you for the long haul.

In the first few dates, there are ways you can figure out whether any of the Colombian women you are dating are in it for a serious relationship with you or not. But if you don’t want to keep guessing, you can always ask her outright to know straight if she wants the same things as you.

However, she might not say what she feels out loud but show other signs she wants a serious relationship, and it’s easy to tell as long as you know what to look for.

Without asking a lot of questions to determine if she’s already thinking long-term, here are some ways for you to know if you’re on the same page and maybe even start defining your relationship:

She’s already had a long-term relationship before

If your Colombian woman seems interested about being in a long-term relationship, there’s a chance she’s already been in one before. Her history of commitment can indicate how she behaves in the future.

Since she’s had a long-term relationship in the past, chances are she’s looking for another man to seriously commit to.

You can both be yourself around each other

This doesn’t have to be on the first date with Cali, Colombia women, but when you start becoming more comfortable with her and she with you—even stopped putting up a front—then that’s a good sign.

If you feel you can let your guard down even on the first few dates, even not feeling any pressure to share your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, then it’s safe to say that what you have can turn serious.

You’re transparent about your past in the right level

There are right questions to ask a Colombian girl when raising the topic of past relationships. When she asks about your relationship history, chances are she’s as interested to know if you could commit.

Of course, you shouldn’t talk about everything about your previous relationship, but ideally you should both trust each other enough that you could share anything from the name of your exes to the reasons for your breakup.

Being open about your vulnerabilities and past mistakes can strengthen your relationship better. You fare better with Colombian girls who are mature and courageous to deal with problems.

Your Colombian date wouldn’t want you to put her on a pedestal. She would be comfortable being transparent even to the not-so beautiful aspects of her.

She’s a good listener

If you dream of marrying a Colombian woman, finding one who does pay attention and listens to you is a good sign. If she cares so much as to completely set aside anything else she’s doing and even remember the smallest details, you know she’s looking forward to something serious with you. She doesn’t just listen but also shows she does, like asking you follow up questions in return, which brings us to the next point.

She really prioritizes conversation

Not only do your face-to-face conversations matter but so do your phone calls. When you call, she answers, and when she says she’ll call, she does. When dating Colombian women, or any other women really, you should be wary of those who ghost you—that is, those who you can’t reach out anymore after the first few dates.

You know your Colombian date is a keeper if she’s still there answering your texts and calls. Whether offline or online, she enjoys spending time with you.

She’s already making even small commitments

When she says she’ll call, she will, as well as answer your call. She shows up whenever you plan dates. When you agree about doing something together, she’s there to get it done. If she honors all your plans together, that shows her level of commitment.

Little things, such as leaving her things at your apartment or planning to meet your friends, already mean a lot. It might even be the right time to talk about future plans when you start to notice these little things.

She wants to meet your friends

She’ll want to introduce you to her friends and family, as well as know about yours, too. Obviously, someone who can see a future with you will not hesitate to introduce you to the people that she loves. She’s not afraid of commitment and will even become very interested in meeting people who are close to you, as well. This isn’t likely going to happen to someone who’s less interested in you for the long-term.

If this is important to you, this will be also an opportunity for you to see if she’s family oriented or not. When your social circles meet, then it means you’re slowly elevating to the next stage of your relationship.

She plans or agrees to go on meaningful dates with you

If she plans on going out to meaningful dates with you, you know she’s in it for the long haul. When she wants to go out on a date filled with activities that lets you both out of your comfort zones, then she wants to really know you better.

It’s different when she simply agrees to go on casual dates in the same place. It’s really all about the quality time she wants with you.

She talks about doing it again

If she really did enjoy spending time with you, she’ll want to do it with you again. Even if that means turning something into a tradition, it clearly shows that she values the time that you spend together, and at the same time looking forward to a future with you.

When dating Colombian women, see if she drops hints like these! That way you know which women to pursue and easily find the right lady to settle down with. This guide comes in handy when getting to know women who aren’t vocally expressive with their emotions. Either way, the better you get at reading their body language, you have a higher chance of winning their hearts or even just impress them.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024
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