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Souvenirs You’ll ONLY Find in Colombia

A Colombian souvenir store where all the goods are displayed. Never miss out on these souvenirs you can only find in Colombia! | Photo by Michael Baron on Unsplash

If you were to put in words what makes a travel experience great, how would you describe it? Would it mean going to a fun place? Somewhere you have not been before? Anywhere as long as you are with the person you want to spend time with? Or a trip with some good Colombian souvenirs?

If you think this way, then there is no doubt that you just experienced one of the best travel experiences so far! Good for you then. Truly, there could be no more perfect moment to spend with your Colombian woman than getting to experience her birth country.

Traveling is an exciting activity and brings out in life all the things that you could only read in books and see in magazines. It is the best opportunity for you to be able to experience the wonder and beauty of a place that you just used to picture in your mind.

Not just this, but traveling is also a good way to get to know yourself better in regards to how you are going to perceive the world around you. Especially the things about yourself yet unknown to you. This also paves the way for you to spend quality time with a loved one.

Colombia never fails to amaze. From its sunny beaches to lively music and wonderful Colombian women around, this place has almost got it all. As there is more to Colombia than what meets the eye, it is also home to some of the most unique Colombian souvenirs for you to buy.

As you venture in and around each city, you may find yourself in awe of its well-preserved culture and tradition. You will also get to see that there are splendid souvenirs from Cartagena, Colombia you should not miss and truly you would be confused about what to buy in Medellin because of the abundant amount of choices that are just gorgeous.

Does this want to make you visit Colombia? Sure you do. Well, check out some of these Colombian souvenirs that you can only find in Colombia and make sure to bring them to your pockets before getting home:

  • Wayuu Mochila (Colombian bags)
  • An image of wayuu mochilas on display. Be in awe with these wayuu mochilas from Colombia. | Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

    Souvenirs make a trip more exciting to a whole new different level. It lets you take memories and fun times along with you wherever you go. As you may want to store your memories in a captured photograph, keeping some in your bag is indeed wholesome.

    Take a quick look at Colombia's mochila. It can be found in almost all parts of the country and is considered to be a vital part of Colombian culture. These mochilas showcase colorful and vibrant hues patterned with different styles and designs that you can freely choose from.

    One unique characteristic every mochila has is its ability to stand on its own without support! Truly, a wayuu mochila is the perfect souvenir for you.

  • Wayuu Chinchorros (Colombian hammocks)
  • Want to lay back and take in the relaxing breeze of nature? Want to get away from the hassles of life in the city? Well, wayuu chinchorros saves the day. These Colombian hammocks let you unwind and spend a few peaceful moments either by yourself or with a loved one.

    Chinchorros are widely known and are famous all over Colombia. Who would know that somewhere deep in South America, hammocks are considered to be a wonder? You see, it usually takes up to four months to weave one by hand and mind this, it has unique patterns and designs that go even to the smallest detail.

    Who knows, you might get to spend a simple romantic date with your woman while gazing up at the stars on a warm night, sitting at a hammock from Colombia.

  • Colombian Coffee
  • The remarkable Colombian coffee. Make someone smile by giving them a cup of Colombian coffee. | Photo by Marc Buddha Beans Coffee Co. on Unsplash

    Online dating does not give you the opportunity to bond and talk over coffee nor does it give you the chance to see each other everyday. But it does bring the two of you closer together despite the miles that come your way.

    If you visit Colombia, make sure to not miss the chance to drink a cup and take home a bag of the very famous Colombian coffee. Satisfy your taste buds with these exquisite beans grounded especially for you.

    A cup of this will always take you back to the time when you were in Colombia, and wonderful memories will flood you everytime. So what are you waiting for? Make room for this in your suitcase and indulge in the coffee greatness that awaits you.

  • Bottle of Aguardiente
  • People from Latin America know how to party, and they party real hard. From the lively night clubs to the hard liquor drinks, name it and they have it. And when you visit Colombia, you might find a bottle of Aguardiente almost everywhere you glance.

    Aguardiente is considered to be Colombia’s national drink. With its four main ingredients of alcohol, water, sugar and aniseed, this has got to be the most famous and well-loved drink in the country.

    It is easy to find and is friendly to your pockets, so giving a bottle to your loved ones and friends will never be a burden in any way.

  • Vueltiao Sombrero (turned hat)
  •  Colombians have it in every unique way, just like this sombrero. Tradition is woven in every inch of this Vueltiao Sombrero. | Photo by Jennifer Poole on Unsplash

    Authentic. Art. Pure. Colombian.

    These four words perfectly describe the vueltiao sombrero. It originated from the people of Zenu and has now become a renowned symbol for the region. This is one of the most definitive symbols to represent Colombia and wearing one would tell that you have been to the country right away.

    It is decorated with geometric and repetitive patterns with neutral and almost monochromatic colors all over it. Mind this, it has its own bending abilities and it is so flexible that you can fold it whenever you wish to! So, wear one on your head now as you enjoy all of Colombia and its tasty street food!

Take Colombia Wherever You Go!

Colombia is a country cradling almost everything you could ask for. Taking a trip to this paradise will be a decision you will certainly never regret in any way. Let everyone else close to you experience Colombia by taking these unique and traditional Colombian souvenirs with you.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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