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Where to Celebrate New Year with a Colombian Woman

You’ve got a flight en route to Colombia, and you plan on spending your New Year with your Latina girlfriend. The problem is, you have no idea where to take her out.

Colombia is well-known for its elaborate New Year preparations — and it can be quite baffling to pick your ideal date destination. But this can also be a good thing because you have a plethora of options you can choose from.

Travelers are easily entranced by whatever flashy scenes are going on in the area, but it might leave you with more expenses than you intended on dishing out. To save yourself the trouble (and the costs), here are the best places you can take your girlfriend out to for the New Year:


Here in Valparaiso, you would be able to spectate the fireworks peacefully alongside a not-so-huge crowd. You can even choose to watch the show in the comfort of your rented room.

Streets of Colombia New Year's Eve in Colombia is a unique experience. Walk along the rows of colonial houses and marvel at their beauty.

Compared to the rowdy partying of the city, this kind of New Year celebration is a welcome change of pace for those seeking a wholesome new year. It’s the perfect romantic setting for you to contemplate and enjoy each other’s company — no loud music, no honking of cars, no boisterous drunkards, just you and your girlfriend under the night sky.

Their fireworks show often lasts for 20 minutes, so you’re sure not to miss out on it, even if you take a while kissing your girlfriend as the new year greets you.

Ciudad Perdida

Get your camera ready for this trip — you’ll be seeing a lot of photojournal-worthy sights around Ciudad Perdida.

This place is perfect for thrill-seeking adventurers who are looking into starting the new year with a tick off their bucket list. Much like Valparaiso, this is an unorthodox way of spending the new year. No one exactly thinks of visiting an archeological site to start their New Year, but there’s a first for everything. This might be the experience you and your girlfriend are looking for.


There’s a reason why the people of Colombia hail Barichara as the most beautiful town in Colombia. Everywhere you go, it seems to be picture perfect. Even a novice photographer could take a good photo from almost any angle.

The town is aesthetically pleasing even to an untrained eye. It’s lined with colonial houses and cobblestone streets, and you can often see the streets littered with tourists admiring the architecture.

This town is a go-to vacation spot for various wealthy Colombians. It’s not as frequented as many other towns in Colombia, making it the perfect place to enjoy your New Year.

When morning comes, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful view of the canyon. This is one surefire way to start the New Year with your girlfriend.


The period of time between Christmas and New Year is when the holiday spirit dwindles down. To combat this, many paisas or the people of Medellin host various events such as live bands and street parties.

All the discos are on full blast during New Year’s Eve in Medellin. The streets come alive when the sun sets. Instead of seeing cars, you’ll be seeing rows of tables and people lining up to serve themselves a generous helping of food.

New years in Medellin is an event where everyone is welcome to join in. But it wouldn’t feel right to come in empty-handed either. If you want to nurse your hangover and have something to bring, sancocho would be a great option.


Whenever anyone thinks of celebrating Christmas or New Year’s in Cali, it’s mainly because they want to participate in Colombia’s most anticipated festival — the Cali Fair.

The fair runs from December 25 to 30 and is a great way to build on anticipation for the New Year.

The holidays aren’t the only reason the Cali Fair is popping off.

Couples in Colombia Give your Latina girlfriend a refreshing New Year’s experience by taking her on a holiday trip.

Cali Fair is known to be the most culturally significant event in Colombia. It is home to the country’s largest salsa festivals. You’ll be hearing salsa, cumbia, and vallenato wherever you go, and there’s no stopping people from breaking out into a dance — even in the middle of a street!

Not only that but there are also art events and parades that pay homage to Colombia’s cultural arts. The most notable one of all is the Salsódromo, a salsa parade that even famed international salsa dancers partake in.


Bogota is a hotspot for party-goers looking for a lively New Year. There are different kinds of events that you can participate in such as live music concerts and fireworks shows.

New Year in Bogota is akin to that of a street festival. There’s lots of walking and sightseeing — you’re bound to run hungry before midnight. Fortunately, there are lots of food stalls readily available on the sidewalk.

Nightclubs are also commonplace for people to celebrate the New Year. You can often spot a couple dancing salsa or slow dancing to an old tune. This kind of scene is ideal for outgoing couples.


Cartagena is the most popular place in Colombia to celebrate a New Year’s Eve party. There are plenty of great restaurants for you to go around. You’ll need to bring a huge amount of money with you if you do — their rates aren’t exactly cheap on holidays, especially when it’s New Year.

On December 31, you can watch the sunset from the walls of the city or even dance champeta with your girlfriend on the streets. Afterward, you can watch the fireworks as the clock strikes twelve.

Making Your Mark this 2022

Whether you are a recluse or an extrovert, there’s a place in Colombia for everyone to celebrate their New Year.

Stargazing in a colonial town, having a romantic dinner in a lavish restaurant, and seeing the fireworks go off while holding each other — these are one of the many options you can choose from.

There’s no wrong way of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Colombia, and no one can tell you otherwise. As long as you and your girlfriend have a memorable evening, who’s to say that you can’t deviate from the usual?

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