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What to Pack For Your Trip to Colombia

A happy couple going on a trip together. Be a scout when you visit Colombia even with just a carry-on bag with you! | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Your index and thumb fingers reach your chin and suddenly you go into deep thinking. Figuring out what to pack for your trip to Colombia has got you in a bit of a bind. You eventually find yourself uncertain at some point, and would gladly wish to finish.

Clothes. Underwear. Flats. Toothbrush. Ticket. Passport. Is there anything else that could be missing?

As there are a lot of different ways on how to prepare for a trip to Colombia, being a scout seems to sum up just about everything you need to know. Whether it may be a solo trip or a group tour, you still end up packing almost the same stuff.

If you have read a variety of travel blogs before booking a trip, you might be able to observe that one of the most common tips for traveling to Colombia is to equip yourself with some packing cubes. As good and effective as packing cubes have proven to be for various customers, what if you only get to bring one carry on bag with you?

Check out these must-haves you should bring the next time you’ll be visiting Colombia:

  • Your clothes

    If you think that planning a trip to Colombia is like choosing your shirt for the sauna, you are right. It can be hot in almost all parts of Colombia.

    If you are even lucky to hit the jackpot, temperatures in the summer can win you at a rate of 40°C (104°F) in the deserts. See? It is not even that hot, right? Well, say no more.

    At night, temperatures can drop to 15°C (59°F) and in fact, it can even be chilly in some cities such as Medellin or Bogota. As Colombia might not be uniform in terms of the weather and climate conditions all over the country, packing and choosing the right clothes can still work out just fine for you.

    One good packing tip to remember is to be ready for all kinds of weather you might face. Be it warm, hot, humid or chilly, bring the type of clothes that can properly protect you. Take a look at the list below and make sure they get to your bag:

    • At least four to five tops
    • When you are in Colombia, be mindful of the tops that you wear. As much as possible, choose ones that are not overboard for the weather and are absolutely comfortable to wear even under the heat of the sun.

      Anticipate chilly nights as well by sparing at least one or two thin jackets or cardigans. They are sure to help you get by without any worries.

    • At least three to four pairs of shorts
    • Pants are one of the least desirable articles of clothing if you are in Colombia. As you are expected to be walking around, it is highly advisable and preferable to just wear short pants instead.

      For your trip not to be interrupted at the most unfortunate of times, bringing with you at least four pairs is one big help as this would prevent you from washing your lower garments too often for not bringing enough. However, wearing pants for your ride on the plane is never a bad idea.

    • Sleepwear
    • Do not forget to spare a few inches in your bag for some comfortable sleepwear. Since you are not at home and might be sleeping at a hotel or a rental place for the night, the least service you can do for yourself is to take your comfy sleeping clothes with you.

      Mind you, you don’t have to bring a lot of this as you only get to wear it for a few hours and only at night specifically.

    • At least seven to ten pairs of underwear
    • The streets around you are hot and sweat does not seem to leave your body. As much as you like going around where your feet take you, do remember those intimate body parts of yours.

      It is important to bring a lot of spare when it comes to underwear because most of the time it is always preferable to wear fresh ones. As you might not be able to clean as often as you like, changing into a fresh pair can give you the extra comfort you never knew you needed for a trip to Colombia.

  • Your shoes

    To protect your feet, you might only be in need of three different pairs of shoes at most. While international travel may be one of the perfect opportunities to look good and pose for photos, do not linger too much on bringing shoes just for the intention of getting that picture-perfect getup

    Remember to bring these with you:

    • a pair of flat and comfy slippers
    • a pair of cheap sandals
    • a pair of running shoes

  • Your toiletries and cosmetics

    These are some of the most important things that you need in order to get by. Whether you wish to clean up or relieve yourself from whatever minor sickness you might be unfortunate enough to be feeling, there are certain items that you should not leave behind.

    Do remember the following:

    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • mouthwash (optional)
    • comb and hair wax
    • shampoo
    • body wash or soap
    • shaving cream
    • deodorant
    • sunscreen
    • medications (Advil/Tylenol, Paracetamol/Aspirin, Antihistamine tablets, throat lozenges or drops, menthol or eucalyptus ointment, cough & colds medicine, wound patches)

  • Your electronic devices and accompanying accessories
  • As the name suggests, this is a simple reminder for you not to leave your charger cables and power banks for whichever electronic devices you are going to need for your trip.

    As you are likely to use your devices often while on a trip, do not make the mistake of leaving the items for you to help recharge batteries.

Travel Where Your Heart Is

Traveling and visiting a country is as exciting as hearing the champagne cork pop while enjoying a bite of your steak. However, it is important to not be carried away with everything and end up leaving behind the most important items.

So before you go on a trip to Colombia, be a scout and refer to this packing checklist to ensure the perfect vacation you deserve. Pack smart, travel ready, and have fun!

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